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5 KDF soldiers killed in Lamu, 10 injured in explosion


Five Kenya Defence Forces soldiers have been killed after their vehicle hit an Improvised Explosive Device on the Kiunga and Sankuri Road in Lamu County.

The 8am attack left 10 other soldiers with injuries and were undergoing treatment.

KDF Spokesperson Colonel Paul Njuguna says the soldiers were on a humanitarian assignment to fetch and distribute water to locals when the incident happened.

He has called upon the area residents to assist authorities to weed out terror suspects seeking refuge in the area.

“We thank the locals who offered assistance to the soldiers and call upon them to assist in weeding out lurking terror elements in their midst, in order to assist in the progressive pacification of Lamu County,” he said.

This is the latest such attack targeting security agencies in the country with a section of Lamu County and areas bordering war-torn Somalia hard hit.

Al-Shabaab insurgents continue to launch pockets of attacks in the country and have lately resulted to the use of IEDs.

Such attacks have claimed tens of security officers in the country this year alone.

On Thursday, British Prime Minister will visit the country and has since revealed that other than trade talks, security issues will be feature prominently.

Together with her counterpart President Uhuru Kenyatta, she said they will discuss how British soldiers’ training in Kenya and other African countries can acquire techniques needed to identify and destroy improvised explosive devices before they go to fight Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Such expertise will also help authorities to thwart such attacks within the Kenyan soil.